Apple tree loaded with apples We specialize in the production of hardy apple trees. Apples are created by grafting a piece of the variety desired onto a rootstock. The variety produces the fruit you desire while the rootstock controls tree size, productivity, earliness of bearing and hardiness. We graft our trees onto Russian seedlings such as 'Beautiful Arcade' and 'Antonovka' These trees are very hardy, free standing, productive and grow to approximately 5m (16ft) at maturity.

We no longer mail order fruit trees as shipping rates are now charged by volume, making larger items expensive to ship. We can make arrangements to ship trees with the understanding that you will be charged at cost plus packing.

Due to Federal regulations we cannot ship fruit trees to British Columbia

Note On Rootstocks

Nearly all apple trees consist of at least 2 separate parts that are united by the process of grafting or budding. The rootstock provides anchorage and absorbs the necessary water and mutrients for growth. Because the rootstocks influences such things as

its importance in the overall value of a tree cannot be overstated. The variety, of course, produces the fruit. It should be carefully chosen, keeping in mind

We use seedlings of the hardy Russian variety 'Beautiful-Arcade'. These seedlings are 3/4 size, very hardy, productive and early bearing. Average mature tree size 6 m. (19 ft.).


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Bare root


1 year Whips



2 year Branched



3 year Heavy



     Note: Varieties are not always available in all sizes. (Size available noted eg.1yr, 2yr)



These apples are resistant to a wide range of diseases including apple scab and mildew. They represent a new generation of healthy apples that are perfect for the home gardener. These have superior flavor and are reliably heavy producers.

Zone 4
A largered apple from Geneva, NY. Used for both fresh eating and cooking. Crisp, sub-acid flavor. Vigorous tree.
Late season (1yr, 2yr)


Zone 4

Superlative variety resistant to a host of diseases. It has 'Macoun' as a parent and has that apple outstanding flavor-crisp, aromatic and juicy. The conical red fruit is among the very best.
Late season (1yr, 2yr)

Zone 4
Exceptionally high quality apple from Kentville, NS. A beautiful round red apple nearly identical to 'McIntosh' but slightly sweeter and more aromatic. The tree is annual and very productive. Superb!
Mid-late season (1 yr, 2yr)

Zone 4b
Good processing apple like its parent 'Northern Spy' but much healthier. Makes the best pies.
Late season (1yr, 2yr)



Zone 3b- A medium size apple with pink veined flesh that makes a sauce second to none. Very hardy and productive. Early season. (1yr, 2yr)                                                                           

Zone 4
One of the very finest early apples, keeping crisp for some time. Flesh melts in the mouth and has fantastic flavor.
Early season (1yr, 2yr)

William's Pride
Zone 4
One of the best new early varieties. Excellent flavour. Darkest red colour. Bears fruit annually.
Early season (1yr, 2yr)


These varieties are rarely found today in the trade. They have been passed down for generations and deserve to be preserved, as their colors, textures and flavors add spice to the lives of apple lovers everywhere.

Zone 3
Older Russian variety used in many historical orchards. Fruit is very large and conical with firm flesh. Used mostly for baking.
Mid-season (1yr)

Zone 4
Related to the 'Blue Pearmain' types. Round to conic with deep purple-carmine skin. Crisp, sub-acid.
Late season (1yr)

Cox's Orange Pippin
Zone 4b
Superb old variety from England. Round small fruit is orangey-red. Flesh is crisp and aromatic.
Late season. (SOLD OUT 2018)

Duchess of Oldenburg
Zone 3
Introduced from Europe in 1830s. Very hardy tree produces red fruit that is tender and aromatic.
Early season (1yr)

Fameuse (Snow Apple)
Zone 3
Very old French, or Canadian, apple with deep red skin and white flesh with pink veining. Probably the mother of 'McIntosh'
Mid-late season (1yr)

Golden Russet
Zone 4
Leather-colored russet skin covers a spicy, aromatic, fine grained flesh. Dessert or cider.
Late season (1yr)

Zone 3b
Locally popular. A McIntosh cross with excellent flavour and good size, Very hardy tree.

Mid-late season (Limited numbers)

McIntosh (1st Generation)
Zone 4
Famous 18th century Ontario apple is red skinned, juicy and a perfect tart-sweet blend. From a tree grafted from the original tree. Keeps well. Dessert or juice.
Mid-late season. (1yr)

Zone 3
Considered by many to be the best pie apple. The brisk acid fruit keeps very well.
Late season (1yr)

New Brunswick
Zone 3
Developed by F.P. Sharp in Woodstock, NB. Probably a seedling of 'Duchess'. Small tree noted for its aromatic fruit.
Early season (1yr, 2yr)


Pomme Gris

Zone 4a- Very old russeted apple with a superb flavour, now very rare. Thomas Jefferson's favourite.

Late season. (1yr)


Princess Louise

Zone 4- Now nearly extinct, this apple is worth preserving because of its disease resistance and flavour.

Late season. (1yr POTTED ONLY)

Pumpkin Sweet
Zone 4
Large pumpkin-shaped fruits are yellow-green. This was treasured as the finest baking apple.
Late season (1yr, 2yr)

Red Astrachan
Zone 3
Old Swedish apple with fine crisp aromatic flesh and red skin. Once in every old orchard.
Early season. (1yr)


Rhode Island Greening

The most famous cooking apple in 18th and 19th century North America. Its sprightly fruit produces superb pies.

Late season. (1yr, 2 yr)

Zone 4
Northern Spy cross. Excellent for baking and uniquely flavoured dessert. Very disease resistant.

Late season. (1yr)

Zone 3
Originated in Minnesota in 1860. Hardy, adaptable tree with red fruits having a fine, crisp, tender and aromatic flesh. Scab resistant.